The schedule

Ingredients such as joy, permanent well-being, physical and mental comfort will not be missing at any time.


This body detoxification and regeneration program will be dietetically supported by the vegan restaurant located in the Avantgarden3 neighborhood of Brașov.

In a pleasant atmosphere, cooked vegan foods can be served based on cleverly designed recipes, which will combine the preservation of nutritional properties with the flavor, so that taking a meal shall be an experience both pleasant and useful for the health.

In the future, we aim to individualize the recipes according to the needs, the conditions and the health problems of our customers and also to offer vegetable juices tailored to the clients’ needs.

The raw material (produce, grains and seeds) will be produced on our own agricultural farm, where they will be grown organically, without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The program lasts 14 days, during which all those registered will experience a powerful program of cleansing and balancing of the body, of changing the life for the better. Ingredients such as joy, permanent well-being, physical and mental comfort will never be missing.

  • 6:30 Waking up
  • 7:00 Zeolite; green juice; mixture for intestinal recovery
  • 7:30 Physical refreshing session
  • 8:00 The good news of the morning (Studies for balancing the mind and the soul)
  • 9:00 Morning meal (individualized raw – vegan menu)
  • 12:00 Fresh juice
  • 12:00-14:00 Massage
  • 14:00 Fresh juice
  • 15:00 Therapeutic physical exercises
  • 17:00 Raw-vegan cooking lessons
  • 17:30 Lessons on the principles of a healthy lifestyle
  • 19:00 Poultices with castor oil, antirheumatic poultices with hot pepper tincture
  • 20:00 Plant infused body bath
  • 21:30 Rest/sleep